Seeing the Gorilla in the Kitchen

A few years ago, Time magazine published a now-infamous cover article about the “Gods of Food”. It quickly became controversial for a notable omission: while some women were profiled for their roles as activists or businesswomen, no female chefs were included in the article. Even the detailed chef family tree, mapping famous chefs and their… Continue reading Seeing the Gorilla in the Kitchen

Where We Eat

Restaurants are everywhere- from the food stalls in Hanoi, to the walk-by pastry windows in Bucharest, to sidewalk cafes in New York. I’ve eaten at restaurants, on occasion, my entire life. With varying frequency, you probably have too. You’ve eaten food prepared for you by strangers at a mutually agreed-upon location, paying them in exchange… Continue reading Where We Eat

Professional(izing) Home Cooks

Fine dining, when executed well, is an art. The work is nuanced, complex, and difficult, and when I patron fine dining establishments, I take the craft very seriously. I critique each plate’s execution, the service, and every element of the meal, maintaining high standards and expectations. I know how fine dining restaurants work, because that… Continue reading Professional(izing) Home Cooks

Who Feeds the Cooks?

Restaurant workers are working their hardest while the rest of the world is taking time off of work to eat. It’s a straightforward connection: as a restaurant cook, I work during conventional meal times. But the cooks, especially as exceptionally food-obsessed people, are hungry as well. So what do we eat? Cooks are, obviously, surrounded… Continue reading Who Feeds the Cooks?